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Unique business opportunity by Planet Antares is empowering the home based entrepreneurs to earn income without investing much resource. Planet Antares Inc, a company based in California, is distributor and manufacturer of vending machines by brand name “PLANET ANTARES”. For last twenty years, the company is providing state of art vending solutions to customers. Starting from snacks and drinks, the vending machines can stock mini meals, candies, toys etc.

Vending business is an instant hit. The total industry has crossed USD 40 Billion mark. Being into vending business means you don’t have to worry about unpaid bills as it is an all cash business. Customers pay up first then they get the product. Moreover, a vending machine can be operational 24 hours a day without much effort from the operator. All you need to take care is that your vending machine is stocked well with good products.

Vending machines from Planet Antares Inc are pretty compact in shape and hence can be placed at almost all locations. Commonly vending machines are used in offices, shops, shopping malls, movie halls, business establishments, transport offices, gas stations etc. For every location it is quite possible that the requirement of vending machine will also be different. For that reason, Planet Antares has a wide range of vending machines available.
Planet Orbiting Antares, Computer Artwork

Planet Orbiting Antares, Computer Artwork

Detlev Van Ravenswaay Planet Orbiting Antares, Computer Artwork - Premium Poster


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